It has come to our attention that many of you have some of the same questions, so let us answer them for you…

Who can join the committee to help plan for next year’s festival?

Anyone who is interested in helping plan for next year’s festival may email us at for meeting details.  We encourage volunteers to join us and would appreciate new input.

Is the Newberry Watermelon Festival, Incorporated connected to or directed by the City of Newberry?

No, The Newberry Watermelon Festival, Incorporated (NWF, Inc) is not connected to or directed by the City of Newberry.  The NWF, Inc. is operated by volunteers (non-paid) that have devoted their time and efforts to making each festival better.

Who do I contact if I have complaints, questions or compliments that I would like NWF, Inc. to know about?

You should contact the NWF, Inc. directly, NOT the City of Newberry or the Chamber.

What does the NWF, Inc money go towards?

The NWF, Inc must have operating funds in order to start each festival.  For many years, the NWF, Inc was instrumental in contributing to the Little Red School House Restoration, several contributions were given to the Newberry Sports Complex, a contribution was given to the local Red Cross when our area and Florida was hit severely by hurricanes.  However, if there is a need for a community contribution we are very willing to contribute. We are also giving a scholarship each year to a student at Newberry High School.

Why did you move the festival to May and outside of the City of Newberry?

Well, there were many reasons for moving the festival:

  1. The vendors were complaining that they were not profiting and attendance was declining
  2. Many complaints of it being too hot
  3. It had become more difficult to find melons in our area in June because our local watermelon growers plant earlier and more efficiently. Also our local brokers are usually in Georgia by June.
  4. Hurricane season is usually active by the 2nd weekend in June
  5. The festival was moved to Canterbury in 2004 because of safety issues, the growing size of the festival, parking accommodations and having the covered area for our concert.  The American Legend and the Little Red School House do not have the parking area available nor a covered area for a concert.  State Road 26 has become so busy through Newberry that we do not want to cause traffic delays or pedestrians in unsafe situations.
  6. Canterbury has easy access and is visible to attendees from out of town.
Does the festival pay for melons?

Some growers are willing to donate melons however, this depends on availability and supply and demand.

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